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Monday, January 9, 2012

Jom Join Bisous 'A Toi : My 6th Giveaway - A night at Casa Del Rio, Melaka!

Huhuhu.....menarik2..jom semua pakat join contest ni...untung2 dapat p holiday kat melaka....thanks kak Rima .....

Join jer kita xkan rugi kan....bukan semata2 sebab hadiah tp persahabatan sesama korang mmg patut join....untung sabut timbul..keh3....


My 6th Giveaway - A night at Casa Del Rio, Melaka!

It's time again!

This time I hv something really special! As u know I hv twice written abt our trip to Melaka here and here. Both times we stayed at the CASA DEL RIO - MELAKA.

So thanks to the management of the Casa Del Rio... I hv as a giveaway.... a ONE NIGHT stay at this wonderful hotel! yaayyyyy

Lemme just talk a little abt this hotel:

66 luxuriously appointed rooms located by the idyllic Melaka River near the entrance to the historic straits, named after this city, Casa del Rio is designed to capture curious landmarks and unforgettable view. This newest boutique hotel in Melaka is a stone's throw away from the heart of The Historic city of Melaka, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The architectural design pays tribute to the Portuguese heritage of Melaka as well as the unique Melaka Sultanate. While it blends with the historical surroundings and echoes of the past, the hotel caters for the modern 21st century guests' needs and facilities. We keep our dining wholesome and down-to-earth by showcasing authentic flavours.

It was just recently awarded the 2011 "Best Weekend Break" Excellence Award by the Expatriate Lifestyle magazine.

So anyway...... how do you get to WIN this free night which is valued at RM700?!

Step 1: "LIKE" the Casa Del Rio Facebook page. Link is HERE
Step 2: In my comments of this post - below, answer the question: "What would I do in Melaka if I won"

I will hv two prizes this time... the second prize will be a S$50.00 (RM121.00) voucher from my Store.


1) ONE entry per person.
2) You MUST sign off with your Name. No name, no game...
3) I will sort the result by numbers, confirm with Casa Del Rio that you have LIKEd their FB page and then use to chose the winner.
4) Bisous A Toi decision is final
5) Contest ends at 7pm on Wednesday, 11th January 2012.

Thats it.. easy peasy!! to all.. what are u waiting for.. do the clicking and ur on ur way to a night stay at Casa Del Rio.. good luck everyone!!

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